The purpose of this course is to explain to the student the aspects of North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun law as it applies to the rights of the citizen to carry a concealed handgun and to teach and apply the fundamentals of safety and basic marksmanship fundamentals.

Training Objectives:

- Demonstrate proficiency in safe handling of the handgun to include loading, unloading, storing or securing, and firing the handgun;

- Identify the places that handgun may not be carried even if the individual has a Concealed Carry – Handgun permit;

- Identify the major parts of the revolver or semiautomatic pistol;

- Demonstrate proficiency in marksmanship fundamentals;

- Explain the provisions under North Carolina Common and Statutory Law in which the use of deadly physical force would be justifiable;

Duration of the course

8 horas + range time (Qualification)

Course coordinator

Marcos Bomfim - Chief of Police