Who should attend

This course is intended primarily for officers who will be actively involved in community policing within their agency. While much of the course content focuses on the provision of police services by police officers / officials, all who work in the department responsible for dealing with the public can benefit from this course.

Target of the course

The target of the course is to familiarize the public safety professionals with the concept and philosophy of community policing, with an emphasis on conflict resolution.

Educational content

Because a new paradigm to policing with the community is necessary?

Set community policing

Define public values

Identify two components of community policing

Explain the benefits of the knowledge of the community and cultural awareness.

Identify the skills need to have a successful community policeman.

Obligations and duties of a community policing officer.

Review the benefits of community knowledge and local culture.

Produce a list of procedures to have an effective marketing involvement of a community policing.

Explain the SARA program, solving problems and brokering


This course uses lectures, discussions, demonstrations and practical exercises.


Three days (24 hours)

Course coordinator

Marcos Bomfim